The Challenge: Free Agents

With winter in the rear view mirror, Challenge season has finally arrived and Free Agents promises to be unlike anything you've ever seen. As a cast member with double digit appearances under my belt I thought I'd seen everything the Challenge Gods could throw my way, but upon arriving in Uruguay it soon became clear that there are diabolical schemes even a seasoned vet like myself couldn't have prepared for. When it comes to the format of a Challenge, and the rules within which a show is created, there are few things that remain constant season to season. The team structure changes, forcing us to compete along side an Ex or Rival, pitting Vets against Rookies, and Good Guys against Bad Asses. The voting process changes giving the winning team, individual, or power couple the ability to nominate who must fight their way out of elimination. However one thing that has always remained the same, was as sure as death and taxes, is that coming in last on Challenge day guaranteed you a spot in the elimination. Until now. For this season of Free Agents all bets are off! Take everything you've ever known about a Challenge crumple it up into a ball and throw it out the window. Buckle up folks, because you're in for a wild ride!

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